Hot Pots

39 West Aylesbury Road
Lutherville Timonium, MD 21093

(410) 561-3035


Hot Pots is a contemporary "paint your own pottery studio" located in Fairgrounds Plaza in Timonium Maryland.

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Word on the Street

We've endured a long, tough winter, haven't we, Baltimore, and although the end - See those snowdrops!  Feel that sunshine! - is most definitely near, we're not out of the woods just yet.  And because we're not yet out of the woods, and because the weather is still wont to be icky and unpredictable, it's an excellent time to add to our list of fun indoor activities, as kids and parents, regardless of the weather, are always looking for fun stuff to do.  And if you're searching for fun, as well as a new way to get creative, have we got a great place for you to check out:  Hot Pots, the cozy, independent paint-your-own pottery studio on West Aylesbury Road in Timonium.


Hit Hot Pots, as we did, on a chilly, gloomy Saturday, and you'll find plenty of painters, all deeply engrossed in their work, scattered among the shop's ten or so tables.  And while a huge crowd might result in your having to wait a few minutes for a table or supplies, a small crowd is kind of more fun than no crowd at all, as it's entertaining (provided, of course, that you stare respectfully) to see what others are painting.  Crowd or no crowd, you have to find a table, and once you've found a table, you have to choose what you'd like to paint.  Be forewarned:  choosing can be difficult - Hot Pots stocks more than  400 pieces of paintable pottery - so it's smart, especially if your companions are prone to indecisiveness, to set a price or size limit.  Oh, and while we're sort of on the subject of cost, pottery prices vary tremendously, so be aware of your item's price before you start painting.  In addition, be prepared to pay another 50% of the piece's cost to cover studio and firing expenses.  (Don't, however, be discouraged by the cost, because some items are as inexpensive as $3.)  Once, at long last, you've selected your perfect piece(s) of pottery, it's time to get a primer on acrylic paint.  The staff will give you the run-down on selecting, using and returning colors, and then - hurray! -- it's time to paint!


And now for the hard part - deciding what to paint.  If you're stumped or feeling overwhelmed by your options, just take a look at the shop's wide array of displayed pottery, or take a cue from your uninhibited children, who, two minutes into the proceedings, are probably nearly finished their projects.  No matter what you paint, or how you paint it, the Hot Pots staff will fire your piece, and you'll be able to pick it up seven days later.  One piece of advice:  put two or three coats of paint on whatever you do, as a single coat will result in muted color.  And another piece of advice:  your children, who lack your attention span and attention to detail, will, in all seriousness, finish way before you will.  Pick something smaller than what they pick, or they will nag you for snacks and make you feel guilty for continuing to paint while they suffer and starve.  You've been warned.


Oh, and most of all, enjoy creating a masterpiece with your family! 

Hot Pots: From the Parents


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