Baltimore Farmers' Market & Bazaar

underneath the Jones Falls Expressway at Holliday & Saratoga streets
Baltimore, MD 21202

The bazaar offers shoppers a variety of unique crafts and collectibles including jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, clothing, rugs, pottery and wooden items, stained glass and photographs.

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Word on the Street

 Thank you, Baltimore Farmers' Market, for getting an earlier-than-usual jump on the season this year, because, boy, have we ever missed you.

We've missed your fresh, local, delicious produce, much of which we find is cheaper than the trucked-in stuff we get at the supermarket, and we've missed your many other enticements, like the hot, cheesy omelets from Humpty Dumpty; the spicy samosas from Rustic Gourmet; and the sweet, soft powder-your-own doughnuts from Migae's, for which we'd be willing to travel great distances.  And the cheeses, the lovely, amazing cheeses (and soft-serve ice cream), on offer from South Mountain Creamery . . .  how we've missed those cheeses - those special, decadent cheeses - and how glad we are to be reunited with them each and every Sunday.  And even when we're not in the mood for omelets, samosas, doughnuts, cheeses or produce, we always find plenty of other temptations, like freshly brewed Zeke's coffee and biscuits from Baltimore Dog Bakery, to command our attention and our wallets. Something else we love about the farmers' market?  The people-watching.   With so many hungry shoppers combing the place for deliciousness and bargains, the market is always overflowing with people-watching opportunities.  There aren't a lot of benches or chairs, except for the ones at Humpty Dumpty's, but there's no reason why we can't do our people-watching while standing or sitting on one of the many curbs.  Folks from all over town -- and beyond -- flock to the market every Sunday morning; for grade-A people-watching, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better spot around. There's also a wide selection of one-of-a-kind crafts, including jewelry, clothing and housewares.  The market is open every Sunday, rain or shine, from 8 a.m.-12 noon (or until sell-out), from now through December 18, 2011.  Get there early for maximum selection; get there late for maximum breathing room (the crowd generally reaches maximum density at about 10:00). 

Baltimore Farmers' Market & Bazaar: From the Parents


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