Shananigans Toy Shop

Wyndhurst Village 5004-B Lawndale Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21210

(410) 532-8384


Enjoy our friendly atmosphere, great service, and large selection of toys, games, and gifts for children of all ages!

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Word on the Street

Ready or not, here come the holidays, which means, if you're like lots of other American parents, that the holiday shopping is coming, too.  And while you, in a frenzy to find the perfect present, could brave the big-box toy stores this holiday season, there's no reason to subject yourself exclusively to that torture, when Shananigans - arguably Baltimore's most fantastic toy store - is right in Roland Park and bursting with toys.  Looking for that Lego set that you can't seem to find anywhere?  In search of trains, games, dolls or science kits?  Shananigans, in spite of its tiny size, carries toys both familiar and quirky, and provides a more fun and intimate shopping experience than do any of the chains.  Plus David, who knows a ton about toys - so much so that he's even pictured in the advertisements - is always eager to recommend a new toy or to outline the differences between two seemingly similar playthings. 


Choose from the standards, like Thomas the Tank Engine and Playmobil, or go for something more unconventional, like a solar-powered car or a bacon wristwatch.  No matter what you choose, one of Shananigans' helpful employees will happily wrap it up for you, and you can leave with a smile, knowing that you've supported a local business instead of a store that's headquartered who only knows where.


Shanangians' one drawback:  it is tiny, so shopping there, particularly right before the holidays, can be somewhat claustrophobic.  But hey, claustrophobia's sort of part of the deal, regardless of where you do your holiday shopping, and at least here, you won't have to battle a million cars and carts in the parking lot.  Oh, and you won't be subjected to endless loops of holiday-themed music, which - in our humble opinion, anyway - is another loudly ringing endorsement. 


Shananigans Toy Shop: From the Parents


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