Beltway Six Movies

7660 Belair Road
Baltimore, MD 21235

(410) 882-5911

The one stop for wonderful movies for children and theater!

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Word on the Street

Beltway Six, how brightly you've made the metaphorical sun shine on the darkest, dreariest, moodiest days.  How you've saved afternoons that seemed utterly lost, how you've made us laugh with engrossing stories of cheeky chihuahuas and plucky penguins.  And while it's true that your features aren't the freshest of fresh, that maybe they've been around for a month or more, they are still, at least to us, new and exciting, and anyway, they haven't yet made it to DVD.  We love that you always have something for the children, even when lots of other theatres don't, and we love that you don't feel the need to be bigger than your britches, with fancy, reclining seats and 17 screens.  No, Beltway Six, what makes you you is your simplicity, your affordability, and goodness!  We haven't even talked about your affordability yet!


The last time we went to a "real" theatre, Beltway Six, it cost us upwards of 50 dollars.  50 bucks for two hours in the dark, with popcorn, and we felt so sick about dropping that kind of money that we could enjoy neither the feature nor the fancy, reclining seats.  But with you, everything's different:  your matinees, per person, cost a mere three dollars, while even your primetime features cost three dollars for kids and four bucks for adults.  And your snacks!  Let's talk for a second about your snacks!  Granted, you don't sell hummus or Mai Tais as do some of your high-end competitors, but who cares?  You've got popcorn and Milk Duds and sodas and gummies, and all at the cheapest snack bar prices in town.  Plus you've got that amazing kids' combo -- the popcorn, the airhead, and the drink -- for three dollars and a handful of change.  Your concession prices are so low, Beltway Six, that we're not reduced to doing anything shameful, like hiding Sno-Caps and bags of microwave popcorn beneath one of our old maternity shirts. So from the kids and us, Beltway Six, here's a thank you.  For giving us inexpensive access to the big screen and for salvaging many a frustrating day.  You rule, and were you not affixed to the ground at 7660 Belair Road, we would totally invite you to dinner.

Beltway Six Movies: From the Parents


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