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Bea Gaddy Family Center

425 N. Chester Street
Baltimore, MD 21231

(410) 563-2749


The Bea Gaddy Family Center is a community based nonprofit organization that assists and provides food to needy families throughout the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan Area and throughout Maryland.

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Word on the Street

If you've been around Baltimore for any length of time, chances are that you've heard of Beatrice Frankie Gaddy, or Bea Gaddy as she was more popularly known.  Born in 1933, Bea Gaddy spent much of her life helping Baltimore's poor and hungry, until she died of breast cancer in 2001.  Gaddy herself lived in poverty for many years, and her life story--one of a poor, single mother who went on to college, to the City Council and to a longtime career in advocacy--is the stuff of inspiration.  And even now, more than seven years since her death, she continues to inspire the needy and those who want to help them. 


The annual Bea Gaddy Thanksgiving dinner, first hosted by Gaddy in 1981, will be held again at the Virginia S. Baker Recreation Center this year; if you'll be in town for Thanksgiving and are quick with a ladle (just kidding; you don't need to be quick with a ladle), there are many fantastic, dedicated volunteers who would love for you to help them serve up some turkey.  But even if you are unable to assist with the dinner, there are still plenty of other ways for you (and your children) to perpetuate Gaddy's legacy.  The Bea Gaddy Family Center, which provides a wide variety of services to Baltimore's low-income families, is always in need of food, clothing and money.  As you prepare for your holidays this year, please consider donating whatever you can to Gaddy's inspiring and worthy causes.  And remember to involve the kids in your giving, as it's never too early for them to learn the importance of generosity and neighborliness. 

Bea Gaddy Family Center: From the Parents


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