Land of Nod - Oakbrook Center

#35 Oakbrook Center Space 1500
Oak Brook, IL 60523

(630) 368-9990


The Land of Nod, not unlike your Facebook page, started with friends. In the beginning, we were just your typical founder-and-childhood-buddy-start-a-children's-furnishings-company-out-of-his-basement kinda story. But from our humble beginnings, we continued to grow.

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Word on the Street

Land of Nod is the one-stop shop for all things baby and kid: toys, gear, decor, books, music, and more! The Land of Nod started in the Chicago area and now has four locations in the area. If you are looking for quality children's items, particularly bedroom and playroom furniture, look no further than The Land of Nod.

Land of Nod - Oakbrook Center: From the Parents


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