Rancho Alegre Farm

2225 Givens Rd.
Dacula, GA 30019

(770) 339-3065


The mission is to serve Gwinnett County and beyond as a center for agriculturally-based education, agritourism, and economic development.

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Word on the Street

Visit Rancho Alegre Farm and join Pilar Quintaro to learn how an urban family, who had never farmed or gardened before, have found the fulfillment of growing their own food and creating a successful homestead. For two years they have kept dairy goats and chickens and are now on the next step to own a jersey cow and raise meat calves. In this intro to animal husbandry/homesteading families will tour the ecosystem of the garden, collect animal manure and kitchen waste,  and add the rich soil building contents to compost and worm bins. See chicken tractors used to raise free range meat chickens, an egg mobile used for free range egg laying chickens, handle milk goats and learn how to milk! The farm will talk about some of the everyday products that come from our farm animals like soap, yogurt, cheese, butter and even ice cream! You may even get to taste some of the wonderful things they make on their farm! 

Rancho Alegre Farm: From the Parents


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