Streetside South

8000 S. Lincoln Street Unit 8
Littleton, CO 80122

(720) 350-2787


Streetside South is a dance training studio offering the best in Hip - Hop, Breaking, Lyrical, Contemporary & Modern dance instruction for the South Denver Metro Area.

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Word on the Street

Streetside South offers something for everyone in the family. The studio offers hip-hop for all levels from baby hip-hop to teenagers. It also offers a Mommy and Me class that focuses on movement and music. This isn't just for the kids either. Moms and dads can get fit in Turbo Kick or Yoga classes. The dance studio is focused on building a community and offers Salsa classes on Friday nights ($25 per couple) with activities and babysitting for the kids ($5 per child).

This is a must for all families in the southern metro area.  





Streetside South: From the Parents


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