Scribble Press

1109 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403

(310) 899-0495


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    Arts & Crafts

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Word on the Street

Check out Scribble Press, an entirely new kind of publishing powerhouse. Located in Santa Monica on Montana Avenue, Scribble Press aims to make authors and illustrators out of us all, particularly our little ones. Armed with Developmental Cueprints fill-in-the-blank type stories that help children process difficult events and transitions or memorialize everything from friendships to vacations or blank books for free-form creativity, children can write and illustrate their own works. Your child can create his own notebooks, bookmarks, tablemats, and notecards. They also make a great gift for the grandparents! The entire store is colorful without being overly cutesy. It really seems like a professional creative environment that happens to cater towards children. The Cueprint books and the opportunities to completely write your own stories seem like perfect opportunities to spend quality time with your children or simply allow them a cool, creative space in which to work independently. They also have a book binding service in which customers can bring in their children's artwork to be made into beautiful, professional books. It's just the thing for holding onto each special piece of artwork.So if your child loves to spin tales, weave stories or just plain scribble, Scribble Press is the place for them to write (or dictate!) a story, draw an illustration or create the perfect gift for their doting grandma.

Scribble Press: From the Parents


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