War Memorial Playground

295 Monroe St.
Santa Clara, CA 95050

(408) 615-2260


War Memorial Playground is a great venue.

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Word on the Street

Built on the former War Memorial Swimming Center on the Santa Clara High School campus, the War Memorial Playground was refurbished in December 2007.  The new playground boasts two sparse, modernistic play structures, a rock climbing wall,  a most unusal set of monkey bars... and lots of ants.Yes, ants.  They go marching one by one all over this playground.  They're stamped into the concrete paths that meander around the area.  They're cut into the rubber play surface beneath the toddler play structure.  And best of all, there are giant ant sculptures scattered throughout the playground for kids to climb on.  Children will love riding on the backs of a couple of red ants on a little "ant hill",  "stomping" on the rest of the ants on the ground, and sliding down the grassy slope.  Grownups will like clean restrooms, and benches to rest on while watching planes take off from the San Jose airport.  In fact, the only thing one can complain about is the lack of shade. 

War Memorial Playground: From the Parents


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