Mountain Lake Park

116 11th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118

(415) 666-7005


This is a gorgeous park and a surprising find in this part of the city.

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Word on the Street

Mountain Lake Park is located in the Richmond district of San Francisco, just east of Park Presidio Boulevard.  The park is fairly extensive at 14 acres and has one of city's few fresh bodies of water - Mountain Lake.  This is a gorgeous park and a surprising find in this part of the city.In addition to the lake itself and plenty of grassy knolls, there are walkable trails throughout the park.  Retro exercise equipment (wooden planks with metal bars for sit-ups, for instance) dots the trails, and the park contains a half-court for basketball.  The playground has swings and a jungle gym, in addition to an old school concrete slide.  Parents of young children will want to be watchful of the jungle gym as it is lacking in protective rails.  Unfortuantely I witnessed a young child fall off the play structure.  (Friends of Mountain Lake Park has a committee in charge of playground renovation initiatives, so hopefully that will be taken care of soon!)A "Card Shack" with tables is located in the park for special events.  The Card Shack is surrounded with plenty of area to run and play, making it a wonderful place for birthday parties and other family events.

Mountain Lake Park: From the Parents


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