Brunswick Matador Bowl

9118 Balboa Blvd.
Northridge, CA 91325

(818) 892-8677


Bowling at Brunswick is family fun at its best.

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Word on the Street

Though you may not think of bowling as an activity for young children, the Brunswick Matador Bowl in Northridge certainly knows how to cater to the kids. Bumpers, or guard rails, set up in the lane make it almost impossible to get a gutter ball. (Even a soft roll down the lane will make it to the pins.) Shoes are available to rent in child sizes. And they even supply lightweight balls (six pounds) to make it easy for kids to play. The venue is busy, but you can get a lane without waiting during the weekdays. A small arcade area features basketball games, driving games, and lots of crane-type games (one, holding plastic dinosaurs, is actually easy to win). Kid-friendly food and drink is available for purchase (no food and drink from outside is allowed). Brunswick Matador Bowl also hosts kids’ birthday parties, with packages that include extra goodies such as a signature bowling pin for the birthday child. Lockers are also available for stashing your stuff during a game. 

Brunswick Matador Bowl: From the Parents


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