Music, Stars, and Masters

10800 W. Pico #293
Los Angeles, CA 90064

(310) 470-1400


Founded in 1999 by Daniel Rosa (Teacher Dan), Music'n'Me continues to be the prominent early childhood music program for children ages newborns to 4 years.

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Children who attend Music, Stars and Masters will learn about music theory and composition -- even in the toddler classes! It may seem odd to have a music class that goes beyond singing songs, playing with puppets, and shaking maracas. But talking about dynamics and tempo can lay the foundation to a greater understanding and appreciation of music.  Located inside the Westside Pavilion, it used to be Music n Me.  The original Music n Me co-founder, Daniel Rosa, wanted to give the children who outgrew the toddler music classes an opportunity to continue learning about music in a fun, non-sterile environment (i.e. not in front of a piano while the music teacher is forcing the kid to play scales with a metronome).Reasons to love this place? The kids go in on their own; the classes expose children to a variety of instruments while teaching basic music theory; and all of these classes are fully interactive.

Music, Stars, and Masters: From the Parents


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