Josephson Academy of Gymnastics

8640 Hayden Place
Culver City, CA 90232

(310) 287-9886


The Josephson Academy of Gymnastics offers artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling, dance and fitness — all in the context of CHARACTER COUNTS!, the nation’s most successful character development program.

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Word on the Street

Josephson Academy of Gymnastics (aka JAG gym) is a state of the art gymnastics facility where real gymnasts train for competitions. It is a 24,000 square foot facility that has real gymnastic equipment--this is not your local kid gym program. All the teachers are very energetic and fun, and the classes teach your kids the proper technique to jump around like monkeys. It can get chaotic in the afternoons with all the older kids running around the waiting areas, so if you can go to a morning or early afternoon class, it will be a more enjoyable experience.  Because the facility is so large, you can generally schedule classes for all your kids at the same time, even if you have a two year old, a four year old, and a six year old. Chances are, there is a class for each kid at the same time slot. There is also a Target nearby so you can drop off the kids, make a quick trip to Target, and then come back on time. How perfect -- the kids can release all their frenetic energy while you run errands!If you have one child who loves to tumble and another who adores being on her tippy toes, then check out JAG's dance program. The dance rooms have been recently remodeled in order to get their dance program on par with their gymnastics program. Instead of driving to different facilities, you can just come to one place and your kids can take their preferred class. JAG also has fun classes like Broadway Babies where your preschooler can sing and dance to broadway tunes.If you are looking for a transition program for your child who isn't quite ready for a full day away from you, JAG has a transition program called Explorers. They also have a preschool program where your preschooler gets to utilize the gymnastics facility while also being exposed to art and learning.They also host two hour long enrichment classes for preschoolers such as cooking, yoga and Spanish. JAG has a lot of options available for preschoolers who are looking for some extracurricular activities. Check it out!

Josephson Academy of Gymnastics: From the Parents


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