Brace Canyon Park

2801 Haven Way
Burbank, CA 91504

(818) 238-5300


Brace Canyon Park is a great area for a day trip for people who live in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the San Fernando Valley.

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Word on the Street

Brace Canyon Park in Burbank is ideally located just five minutes from Downtown Burbank and offers a lovely locale for picnics, barbecues and birthday parties. The park features lots of trees and hills, a small playground area, a softball field, tennis courts and a basketball court. The playground area is small and the equipment is well-worn, though not yet falling apart. The best part of this area is how it's partially encircled by a rock wall, great for young, adventurous climbers. There's also a zip line (though there's no safe place to land), a toddler area, and a see-saw contraption made from piping. (It looks more fun than it actually is.) Perhaps because of the mediocre playground area, the park is not overcrowded during the weekend when other parks can get crazy busy. And though the kids may be disappointed by the lack of an ice cream truck sitting idly by... parents will most likely be relieved by its absence.Overall, if you're interested in finding a park that's sports-oriented or located in a lush landscape, Brace Canyon Park is a good find. But for parents whose priority is the playground, the park is a little disappointing. With luck, the City of Burbank will upgrade this part of the park soon so that it's on par with other valley destinations such as Balboa Park and the recently renovated Deerborn Park.       

Brace Canyon Park: From the Parents


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