Places in the Woodbridge Area

Resources for Finding Family Places

Want to learn more about how to find great places to visit with your children? Our editors have put together several articles to help.

Tips for a Museum Visit with Your Little One

Eliza Clark - Life is Art; Art is Life » Little Art Critics

There are a lot of things that parents of preschoolers don't do as often as they probably once did: going out to the movies, to see a play or a concert, to an elegant restaurant. And that's pretty much unavoidable. (Sigh.) But visiting museums doesn't hav...
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100 Things to Do Before Kindergarten

Eliza Clark - What's on Your List?

We enjoy making lists here at The Savvy Source. Making a list is an act of hope, and a form of dreaming as well as planning.These years before kindergarten and the forward march of school years are precious and irreplaceable. Never again will we have so m...
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Fun Times with the Big Kids

Eliza Clark - All About Me and Mine » They Grow Up So Fast

We love preschoolers beyond belief: their imagination, their wild and wacky ways, their energy, their cuddles and sweetness. It’s very hard to think of them growing up and becoming… big kids.  Yet it does happen rather quickly, for there is only a ve...
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Come Together, Right Now: Building a Community That Cares for Our Children

Ginger Carlson

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has."  ~ Margaret Mead We live in a unique time in history.  It is one rich with strife and angst, but also opportunity, joy,...
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