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Thank you for considering our Partners program. If you are a blogger with a readership made up of parents of young children, you've come to the right place!

About Savvy Saving & Raising

Each week, we offer parents a significant savings on a fun, family-friendly activity selected by our Savvy Source editors. We donate 5% of each purchase to a preschool of the purchaser's choice or to a preschool scholarship fund created to help parents afford preschool for their children.

About the referral program and economics

  1. When anyone registers using your referral code, you earn 3% on purchases they make.
  2. If you know people who also love to spread the word, you can invite them to become a partner too. Once you have a partner associated with you, you then earn 2% on any purchases made from signups using their referral code.
  3. If these new partners invite more partners, they will earn the same way you earn on all purchases using their code and you earn 1% on offers purchased by their network.

Viewing your earnings

You can view your referral earnings on the Referral Reports tab under the Local Savings section of the Savvy Source website. Simply go to http://www.savvysource.com/partners/reports at any time to see how you're doing! You need to be signed in to view your reports; use the email and password you used during the Partners Program signup.

About the widget

We also offer our partners a widget to post on their website. Signups made when people click on your widget are automatically associated with your referral code.

You can choose between the local version, which features offers from a specific region, or a national version, which features offeres from cities around the country. View the widgets.

Getting started

Just fill in the form on this page, and after you click "submit" we'll display your unique referral code, which you can use to invite additional partners and also to refer new purchasers. We'll also display the widget HTML containing your unique code, which you can copy and paste onto your website. You will start earning revenue as soon as someone whom you refer makes a purchase!


Want to know more? View The Fine Print and Terms and Conditions.

You can contact us at partners@savvysource.com

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Additional Information about Partner Program

Only new partners to our program are eligible to participate in your partner network. We will not send an email invitation to anyone who is already signed up as a partner. If someone joins the partner program within 48 hours after clicking on your invitation, they will be considered part of your network.

If someone signs up to receive Saving & Raising emails by clicking on your referral URL, or if they make a first-time purchase of a Saving & Raising offer, they will be considered one of your referrals. Whenever they make a Savvy Saving & Raising purchase in the future, you will be credited with 3% of the proceeds.

Note that any purchase made before August 6, 2010 will paid under the old affiliate network rules - 5% for a direct purchase and 1% of your partner purchases. After August 6th, the new percentages 3%, 2% and 1% will go into effect.

You will receive referral credit only for new signups to the Saving & Raising program.