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A child in the family means lots of big changes. There are education decisions to be made, playdates to host, new skills to learn, and lots and lots of books to read. Join us as we take a look at the everyday moments of parenting and the once-a-year celebrations, the big picture of childhood and the small details that aren't to be missed.

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  • Summer Counting Fun

    Jennifer - Learning » Math

    With the warm, lazy months of summer upon us, Savvy wants to help you keep your little one's mind active. Here are some summery activities to keep your kids counting through the best months of the year. They are sure to be having so much fun that they won't even know it is goo.... read more

  • The Best Books for Math-Curious Kids

    Laure Latham - Learning » Math

    Math, meet books for children. Children, prepare to love math. When math collides with literature and fun, you never know what your kids will be up to. Will they start seeing their bedroom in geometrical shapes? Will they divide up oranges into quarters at the dinner table to .... read more

  • Summer Math as Summer Reading

    Eliza Clark - Learning » Math

    What are your children enjoying most this summer: their math workbooks or their reading lists? In our family, the summer reading goes down easy, but the math problems, not so much. The workbooks get done, but only with a lot of moaning and groaning along the way. It's a hard s.... read more

  • Twenty Ways Children's Days Intersect with Math

    Amy Fauss - Learning » Math

    We are surrounded my numbers and mathematical concepts every day. Whether it's numbers on a speed limit sign or making sure we get the correct change back at Starbucks, we rely on numbers and counting in nearly everything we do. And that's true for children as well! Take a loo.... read more

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 and More Fun Counting Activities

    Eliza Clark - Learning » Math

    The mind of preschooler is an endlessly interesting thing. One surprise to many parents is that even when a child has known how to recite the numbers from one to ten or even up to twenty for many months, she still may not be able to look at a small set of objects and actually .... read more

  • 100 Days of School

    Eliza Clark - Learning » Math

    Have you been counting down the days? Do you hear tell of a fabulous party that will soon be coming to your child's preschool or kindergarten? Is the anticipation building to a fever pitch? If you're mystified, let us enlighten. The 100th day of school (which usually falls.... read more

  • Puzzles and Blocks and Building Math Skills

    Amy Rees - Learning » Math

    Numbers abound in preschool-land, and our kiddos get cozy with them early and often. English is plenty prickly in both written and spoken forms, but the language of counting is the real Esperanto, and even very young children are remarkably fluent.We so adore the glinting-eyed.... read more

  • Math Games for Kids in the Kitchen

    Laure Latham - Learning » Math

    Figures better behave when kids come in the kitchen because kitchens are a thriving space for fun math games. Who better than a budding chef to multiply, divide, or make fractions? Yes, kitchens are micro-math institutes, and the cups and spoons you use to measure ingredients .... read more

  • Measuring Games

    Eliza Clark - Learning » Math

    Math in the early school years, preschool through second or even third grade, is very much of a hands-on affair. When your kindergartener comes home with a bead necklace and calls it a math project, for instance, you may be puzzled, but then he'll point out the intricate patte.... read more

  • Learning to Tell Time

    Eliza Clark - Learning » Math

    Time is one of the great mysteries of the world to small children. "When" and "How long" begin a large percentage of the many questions they utter each day. And it only makes sense. Just imagine never knowing what time it is, or how long it might take to, say, bake cupcakes.... read more

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