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A child in the family means lots of big changes. There are education decisions to be made, playdates to host, new skills to learn, and lots and lots of books to read. Join us as we take a look at the everyday moments of parenting and the once-a-year celebrations, the big picture of childhood and the small details that aren't to be missed.

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  • History Lesson: Veterans Day

    Bethany Dunn - History Lessons

    Do your kids have today off from school? Make it more than just a day off. Today is a great opportunity to talk about the significance and history of the holiday. So just what is the history of Veterans Day (which, by the way, is the official spelling as declared by the feder.... read more

  • American Girls and the Revolutionary War

    Ashley O'Neill - History Lessons

    When my daughter was about six, she desperately wanted an American Girl doll. After Christmas, we went to pick one out, and she chose Felicity—an easy choice because Felicity has brown hair, like my daughter, and loves horses, also like my daughter. Little did I know that .... read more

  • Thanksgiving History 101

    Eliza Clark - History Lessons

    Thanksgiving is many things to many people: a welcome long weekend and rest from school and work; a time for extended families to gather from far and near; a major travel period with traffic jams and airport snarls galore; a giant collective cooking project; the Macy's Thanksg.... read more

  • Walking on the Moon

    Eliza Clark - History Lessons

    Our kids love good stories. They love adventure, suspense, mysterious and beautiful settings, and heroic characters. For a story with all these elements, plus the added advantage of being true, the Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's 1969 moon landing is har.... read more

  • Life During the Great Depression

    Ashley O'Neill - History Lessons

    The Great Depression is one of those large stories that sweeps across our American landscape.  From the stock market crash in New York to the Dust Bowl in the Great Plains to the everyday families who sold eggs to try to make ends meet, the Great Depression is one of those pa.... read more

  • Big Moments in History for Little Kids

    Eliza Clark - History Lessons

    Life with young children is all about the little moments: the small happenings and regular routines that, strung together, make up our days. Immersed, as we are, in the here and now, we often give short shrift to the larger news of the day. Yet living through a presid.... read more

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