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A child in the family means lots of big changes. There are education decisions to be made, playdates to host, new skills to learn, and lots and lots of books to read. Join us as we take a look at the everyday moments of parenting and the once-a-year celebrations, the big picture of childhood and the small details that aren't to be missed.

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  • Finding Inspiration in the Craft Drawer

    Eliza Clark - Simplicity

    Faced with a rainy afternoon or a stretch of weekend unfilled by any planned activities, we often feel compelled to dash out to the store to pick up yet another craft kit or coloring book to amuse and occupy the little ones. But the truth is, with just a tiny bit of thought, .... read more

  • Before Summer Ends, You Must...

    Eliza Clark - Simplicity

    We are starting the countdown to the end of summer, and trying to fill each of these last glorious days of sun and blue sky with as much outdoor fun as possible. Before school and other routines completely take over our day-to-day lives again, we are asking ourselves, have we .... read more

  • What Children Learn from Boredom

    Eliza Clark - Simplicity » The Little Things

    When I was little and complained of being bored, my parents and grandparents invariably took the same line: "Only boring people are bored."  It was a widespread mantra back then; for proof, see this very funny montage of Mad Men parenting techniques. And while my parents ha.... read more

  • Big Fun for Brief Moments

    Eliza Clark - Simplicity » The Little Things

    “You’ve got twenty minutes left until Sarah’s babysitter comes to pick her up,” I call into the other room. The girls have finished with their sticker trading and they are casting about for what to do next. “Twenty minutes: what can we do?” I offer paint.... read more

  • Twenty Little Ways to Say I Love You

    Eliza Clark - Simplicity » The Little Things

    The other morning, I was brushing my daughter's hair before it was time to leave for school. Her hair is thick, but soft and slippery, and tends to snarl in the night. I comb and brush, make braids or pigtails, depending on her mood. That morning she said to me, "You'.... read more

  • Savvy Tips for Organizing Your Day

    Andrea Evans - Simplicity

    Sometimes it feels like we live on treadmills, running from one appointment to the next, multi-tasking all day long. We barely have time to sit down for a nutritious breakfast, much less plan what the family will have for dinner. It can be overwhelming for parents. And, it ca.... read more

  • Managing Your Child's Clutter

    Ana Picazo - Simplicity

    It always amazes me how a tiny six-pound baby results in a thirty or forty-pound weight gain in his loving (but swollen) mother. That doesn't change once they're born—the amount of stuff they need far outstrips them in weight, and grows right alongside them.But at some point.... read more

  • A Parent's One Simple Rule

    Amy Rees - Simplicity

    Call it a mantra, a creed, house rules. Call it whatever you wish, just call it—say it often and out loud. We're thinking of your parenting Ultimate Bottom Line. The one thing that gives you instant perspective, the one great simplifier, the one thing that matters and lets e.... read more

  • Books to Read in Quiet Moments Together

    Ashley Young - Simplicity » The Little Things

    Have you noticed it happening in your house? When the days are shorter, the bedtime rituals get a little longer, a little more peaceful. The struggles of getting kids to bed when it's still light out are fading to a distant memory. Nearly any book can be the perfect accompanim.... read more

  • Sleepover Games

    Ashley O'Neill - Simplicity » Childhoods Long Ago

    As we think back on our childhoods, a few kinds of memories seem to bubble to the top: special vacations, the backseat with our siblings on a long road trip, a few stolen days or weeks away from home at summer camp, and the sleepovers. It's a hallmark of tweenhood—an "all ni.... read more

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