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A child in the family means lots of big changes. There are education decisions to be made, playdates to host, new skills to learn, and lots and lots of books to read. Join us as we take a look at the everyday moments of parenting and the once-a-year celebrations, the big picture of childhood and the small details that aren't to be missed.

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  • Summer Reading Challenges

    Ashley Young - Learning » Reading

    Summer is a great time to veg out in the shade on a hot afternoon with a good book, and books are so easy to tote to the pool or the beach. Your kids can join a summer reading challenge and earn recognition—and maybe prizes—for all of that page-turning!Your local library p.... read more

  • Ten 21st Century Classics

    Eliza Clark - Learning » Reading

    Having a child does curious things to a person's sense of time.  The past rushes in.  All of a sudden, we are put back in touch with our childhood memories in a shockingly tangible way.  As much as the world has changed since we were small, babies and young children have no.... read more

  • Books to Help Your Child Think (Outside the Box)

    Ginger Carlson - Learning » Reading

    When we talk about rearing children who live a creative life, one filled with thinking skills, problem solving, and self-expression that almost always includes lives filled with models of creativity.  Those models come in all shapes, sizes and forms, not the least of which is.... read more

  • Pearls on a String: How Reading Aloud Links Our Brains and Souls

    Ginger Carlson - Learning » Reading

    The poet Julius Lester says literature is a way to "link our souls like pearls on a string, bringing us together in a shared and luminous humanity."  What better way to use literature to "link our souls" than through the family read aloud? Cuddling up for a good read is.... read more

  • Teaching the Alphabet

    Amy Rees - Learning » Reading

    Igniting a love of reading involves both the tales that a good book spins and the construction of those tales. And the alphabet is of course the first tool of your little language builder. How best to learn that delightful (and delightfully arbitrary) set of 26?  Here are our.... read more

  • Read It Again!

    Eliza Clark - Learning » Reading

    Anyone who spends any time reading to small children is going to hear these words: "Read it again!  Read it again!" How wonderful.  Reading a good book with a caring adult is such a pleasurable experience for kids that they are bound to want that cozy, enraptured feelin.... read more

  • Be Yourself: Six Stories for Kids

    Ashley Young - Learning » Reading

    At one time or another, we all feel like we are on the outside looking in. At these times, it seems like everyone else just gets something that we seem to have missed. The bad news is your kids are not immune to this feeling. The good news is there are innumerable books out th.... read more

  • Author Spotlight: Jon Scieszka

    Ashley Young - Learning » Reading

    No matter the age of your children, author Jon Scieszka has written something they are sure to love. Scieszka's stories are quirky, funny, and accessible, and he has made it a mission to make readers out of kids.For the youngest kids, Scieszka wrote the Trucktown books in coll.... read more

  • Keep Cool with a Frosty Book

    Ashley Young - Learning » Reading

    We are deep into the dog days of summer, and while we love these long, hot days, we get to a point where we just can't jump through the sprinkler again or eat another popsicle. It's time for a new way to cool off! We suggest you hide out in the air conditioning or in front of .... read more

  • Celebrating the Ramona Books of Beverly Cleary

    Laura Stallard Petza - Learning » Reading

    A powerhouse of children's literature, and the recipient of more prestigious awards than we even have room to mention, Beverly Cleary has been delighting young readers and their parents for a couple of generations. Her stories of "real" childhood—of wearing paper rabbit ears.... read more

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