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A child in the family means lots of big changes. There are education decisions to be made, playdates to host, new skills to learn, and lots and lots of books to read. Join us as we take a look at the everyday moments of parenting and the once-a-year celebrations, the big picture of childhood and the small details that aren't to be missed.

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  • A Lesson in Determination, Patience -- and Wiggling


     Photo by ErinLeigh Photography This summer I was given a 4-wheel inline casterboard, the Shred Sled, for my kids to try out.   When it arrived, my husband and I took turns stepping on -- and promptly stepped off.  Too unstable, we said.  Too risky.  We'll all get h.... read more

  • Wide Open Spaces

    Ashley O'Neill

       My daughter loves horses, and this year we decided to take the big plunge for horsemanship lessons. Once a week, I drive 15 miles south of town so that she can ride.  At first, it seemed like such a hassle: it's Friday afternoon, everyone is tired, and there.... read more

  • Congratulations to Our Shutterfly Winner!

    Speaking of Snapshots of 2009, we have a winner in our very big, very generous Shutterfly giveway.  Congratulations to Lisa G. chose her as the giveaway winner, and we love her photo book.  Here's one of her favorite snapshots from this year....   And because w.... read more

  • On My Own

    Kelly Leahy

       We met up with my father for a weekend in Grayton Beach, Florida. It was too short as the girls don't see nearly enough of their grandparents, but we packed it full of fun. We spent our last day on the beach digging in the sand, and that's where I took this p.... read more

  • My Year of Giving Thanks

    J Jordan

    A year is such a strange thing. It's hard to define, other than to say that it's (generally) 365 days long, or to assign some notion of time to it. Yet, the truth is, so much happens in a year that all those events and experiences seem enough for a lifetime. Even those of us w.... read more

  • Joy Through a Child's Eyes

    Nicole Basham

     It was a cold and soggy day at the Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo. Cold, that is, for March day here in Austin. Of all the sights to see, my son spent most of our visit at the petting zoo. He picked out his favorite animal -- "Goatie" -- and gave him several handfuls of food.... read more

  • The Wild Tangle of Grasses

    Lisa Frame

    If there was a single photo that could capture my feelings and thoughts about the past year, this would be it. It reminds me to keep looking toward the brightness of the light, even if I am caught in the wild tangle of grasses. This shot reminds me that even though my family .... read more

  • Growing Up Too Fast

    Oona Baker

      This photo of my daughter Ramona captures a wistful but joyous moment this past October at a local farm outside of Portland, Oregon. This snapshot memorializes her two front teeth, which she yanked out herself the following week. (As you can see, they're barely hanging.... read more

  • Kudos to Kid's Busy Box

    Eliza Clark - Life is Art; Art is Life » Your Little Artist at Home

    Just in time for holiday season, we are so pleased to have discovered Kid's Busy Box.  Here it is at last, the solution to two of our most vexing parental problems: 1.  How to be a crafty parent (without, in fact, being crafty in the slightest)2.  What to give to as present.... read more

  • A Life of Thanks-Giving

    Jacque Grillo

    November is the month for thanksgiving, a time we set aside each year for contemplating all of our many blessings, and for considering all those people and things in our lives for which we feel grateful. I've come to understand that being grateful is an attitude, a choice one .... read more

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