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A child in the family means lots of big changes. There are education decisions to be made, playdates to host, new skills to learn, and lots and lots of books to read. Join us as we take a look at the everyday moments of parenting and the once-a-year celebrations, the big picture of childhood and the small details that aren't to be missed.

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  • Why Some Parents Don't Accept Non-Punitive Methods

    Dr. Jane Nelsen

    Excerpted from Positive Discipline: The First Three YearsBecause all children (and all parents) are unique individuals, there are usually several non-punitive solutions to any problem. Some of the parents we meet at lectures and parenting classes don't immediately understand o.... read more

  • Playdates Are for Parents, Too

    Elise Crane Derby - It Takes a Village

    A playdate is a glorious thing. You put out some pirate's booty and apple slices, and your child is occupied until the playdate is over. The kids have a great time, and you get a moment to complete a thought or task or eat some of the kids' candy while they're not looking. The.... read more

  • Making the Most of "Mommy & Me" Classes

    Jill Notkin - It Takes a Village

    Everyone will tell you: when you have kids, you'll make new friends. Kids come with a seemingly unending calendar filled with events such as school, extracurricular activities, birthday parties and more. But the first encounter most mothers have with the mommy contingent comes.... read more

  • Be a Good Neighbor

    Laura Stallard Petza - It Takes a Village

    Raising children, as anyone who's been crazy or ordinary enough to try it will attest, can be awesomely, amazingly difficult work.  Rewarding, yes, and worth it, yes, but also, at times, trying in ways that are almost impossible to articulate. Which is why seeking the company.... read more

  • Why A Strong Parent Community Matters

    Eliza Clark - It Takes a Village

    We all prepare so well for the arrival of a new baby. We stock up on onesies, diapers, adorable tiny socks, sweaters and hats; we select the perfect crib, stroller, carrier, etc.; we read books about baby care; we line up a pediatrician and…we think we’re just about ready..... read more

  • Why Does the Wind Blow?

    Leticia - How Do Things Work?

    We feel wind every day, but do you really know what it is or how it is caused?  Wind is air whose movement is caused by the sun. When the Earth spins on its axis, its tilt causes the sun to hit parts of the globe providing direct sunlight while other parts of the Earth rece.... read more

  • How Does Our Brain Tell Our Body To Move?

    Alison - How Do Things Work?

    Warning: Sharing the following information with your child may result in you hearing the following excuse an awful lot: "But my brain made me do it!"Kids come up with the greatest questions. They are naturally curious and want to know how the world around them works. They may .... read more

  • How Do Things (Like Cars!) Move?

    Eliza Clark - How Do Things Work?

    Some of the questions our preschoolers come up with are harder to answer than others. We think of ourselves as knowing quite a lot, we adults. We’ve been hanging around this world for a few decades, and fancy that we understand how many, if not most, things work.Then along.... read more

  • Everybody Does Better with Family Meals

    Ellyn Satter

    You know that family meals are important, and the research backs up what you know. Adults who have regular meals eat better, are healthier and are slimmer. Children and adolescents who have regular family meals do better nutritionally, socially, emotionally, academically and .... read more

  • How Do Plants Grow?

    Oona Baker - How Do Things Work?

    Children love accompanying their parents to farmers markets and sowing seeds in their own backyards, but one day they may want to know the real nitty gritty surrounding the whole process. How does this seed turn into an apple? What makes it grow? And just what does the sun hav.... read more

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