Take a Good Long Look in the Mirror

Amy Rees
March 14, 2009

We are frequently in deep reflection mode at the Savvy Source.  We are making decisions and keeping journals; we are looking at ourselves as parents and tuning up the workings of our families. 

Our kids, though, are happy just looking at themselves.  Early, often, as much as possible. A baby's fascination with himself in the mirror isn't dimmed by all the distractions of preschool.  There's simply more fun to be had with your reflection! 

Here are some of our favorite books and activities inspired by mirrors and reflections:

Mask Parade: Forest Animals -- This new and especially lovely oversized board book gives your child six different masks to clown around with -- and best of all, six different mirrors to admire herself in!  Mask Parade is a dress-up bin in book form -- how Savvy is that?!  Kudos to the so-clever Piggy Toes Press for bringing this fun story/activity book to our little one's burgeoning imaginations.

Mirror Transfer art project -- Have your child paint a masterpiece with kid's craft paint on the mirror. Carefully place a white piece of construction paper on top of their art work and lift off. The painted picture transfers onto the paper and makes a pretty cool texture. Wipe off the mirror and do it again!

Shadows and Reflections -- This wordless, wonder-filled collection of photographs gives children plenty of shadows and mirror images to reflect on.  What's a shadow but another kind of a reflection, after all?  And what little one doesn't adore his own shadow?  Lovely even for the littlest ones in your home.

Mirror Image drawing project -- Find in a magazine a full page 8 1/2 x 11 picture of an animal, if possible just of the face. Fold or cut the picture in half vertically. Tape or glue the half picture to a thick piece of paper, drawing or painting quality, if possible. Have your child draw with a pencil a mirror image of the animal's half face (or complete the rest of the animal if it is a full body picture). Then have him fill in the details and color with watercolors, crayons, colored pencils or pastels. You will be amazed at the results!

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? -- Indulge the glitter and the gauze, the veils and the disaster-inducing slippers, and then bring it all together with the other aspects of your little one. The part of her that loves to get muddy. The part of her that loves being outside as much as she loves being up in her imaginary castle turret. She is certainly all of those parts, unabashedly, and this book helps you (and she) make perfect sense of all of them. The surprise on the last page makes a point that no grown-up lessons could ever make so well.

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