Strategies for Creating a Written Record of Life with the Little Ones

Eliza Clark
July 9, 2014

As any parent of a preschooler knows, there is plenty of journal material at hand. Our kids do something funny every day. They do something touching or strange or beautiful every day.  They do something we want to remember every single day.

And as much as we love to snap photos, no set of images can possible capture all of that.  So how to get some of those moments down?

We've mentioned before and will undoubtedly mention again Gretchen Rubin's idea of a one-sentence-per-day journal. This is such a smart solution for parents who have neither the time nor inclination to muse at length about their delightful offspring.  Open a word file on your computer, and try it for a month.  Just one sentence, whenever you have a moment, about any little thing.  After thirty days, you'll be amazed at the record you've created—and you won't want to stop! 

Some parents we know take a completely different approach, with great success.  Each year, on each child's birthday, they write at length in a birthday journal. They write about the year's events, how the child has grown and changed, his or her friends and activities, favorite books and toys, etc.  Over the years, this kind of journal becomes an absolute treasure.

Another thought is to involve your kiddos in the process. We tend to keep so much of their artwork, but hardly any of their thoughts.  As a remedy, a child's once-a-week journal can become a wonderful joint project.  For the little ones, you can simply ask them about their day and record what they say.  If they feel making a picture too, all the better.  Start now, and see how your child's journal evolves!

All of the great pictures we take of these adorables can be wonderful inspiration as well.  Whether the photos are on the computer or in a scrapbook, be sure to write captions and jot down notes or stories to go along with.  You and your kids will enjoy the images that much more in years to come!

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    When my kids (now 4 & 5) starting talking, I started a word document that I called "Moie & Rori-isms". Everytime they said or did something I thought was funny or cute, I would open up that document (which I kept on my desktop) and type it in with the date & the child who said/did it. It was easier for me than trying to keep a baby book or journal. And now it is easy to look back at all their "baby words". They love to have me read them out loud and now they even laugh at what they said & did.

    over a year ago


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