Favorite Places to Keep Written Track of Time's Passing

Amy Rees
January 3, 2010

We are committed to our resolutions to be wiser, calmer, even Savvy-er parents. 

We are committed to taking stock and keeping track in the warmest, lightest-hearted way we can find.  We are committed to enjoying the journey of life with our little ones. Sure, sometimes all we want to do is clutch them close (and yes, sometimes we daydream about whether we'd be able to stuff them into a Baby Bjorn again just for the privilege of holding them so tightly). And sometimes we wish we could fast-forward to teenage years just for the weekend sleeping in. But more times, we delight in their growth and changes and steps (and regressions), and we wish to celebrate them for who they are at this very moment. 

So, celebrate them we will. In writing. With journals, in any and all forms. Starting here:

  • Your computer screen, a flip-top notepad, even a stack of post-its -- Taking yet another cue from one of our gurus, Gretchen Rubin, we think every parent should keep a one-sentence journal.  Low commitment, high reward.  The perfect verbal flip book of time with your little one, moment to moment.  Use anything at all, just keep your scribbles somewhere. 
  • The New Parents' Book of Firsts -- From the creative force behind the so-clever Squibnocket greeting cards, this hilarious journal records not your child's shining moments but your slightly less brilliant ones as parents.  We say we'll remember, but we never will.  This journal has you covered, and someday, somehow you'll really laugh about this.
  • Look at your local stationery store.  There is certainly a wonderful mom-and-pop shop near you (Denver natives, look here) that really needs your business these days.  Find it and wander the aisles finding the journal that calls to you.

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