Books to Make You Laugh

Amy Rees
March 11, 2009

Before we had kids, we might have said that the best sound in the world was waves crashing.  Or a champagne cork popping. 

Nothing against the ocean or a bottle of bubbly, but now we know for sure: the best sound in the world is the sound of our little one laughing. Cracking up.  Belly laughing.  Gasping for another breath, to let out another peal of pure joy. 

Really laughing.

So, today, in the service of getting at least one huge laugh a day for everyone's health and happiness, we bring you our favorite funny children's books:

  • Where the Sidewalk Ends -- for Teddy and his hat, among so many other reasons
  • Who Hops? -- for teaching the little kiddos to love a good punchline
  • Knuffle Bunny Too -- because life in pre-K is funny by itself
  • Click Clack Moo -- for introducing bait-and-switch humor to preschoolers (not to mention the use of the word "ultimatum")
  • Philadelphia Chickens -- okay, more a CD than a book, though the volume that accompanies explains a lot, but for being simply brilliant on every note

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