Both a Borrower and a Lender Be

Eliza Clark
March 11, 2009

There's no better way to get children to love books than to set them loose in a great library.  Choosing their own books to check out with their own library cards is such a thrill!  Preschoolers also love borrowing their friends' books, and can learn to enjoy lending their own in return (don't forget to paste in a bookplate!). 

Below we give you our Savvy City Editors' great ideas on lending and borrowing books.  How wonderful to think of ways that a single volume can reach and delight so many children!

Lend Those Books and Get Them Back with Bookplates (Washington DC)

Recycling your Reads (Cleveland)

Books are made to share, borrow and lend (Atlanta)

Survival tips for visiting the library with children (LA's San Fernando Valley)

Do's and Don'ts for borrowing library books (Guest post from a Charleston children's librarian)

Getting to know the Pima County Libraries (Tucson)

From the Parents

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