Great Books (and Toys and Crafts) to Bring Preschool Home

Amy Rees
March 11, 2009

What we bring you at the Savvy Source is all designed to help you find a great preschool for your little one for school time and to bring the wonders of that great preschool's learning environment home for all the rest of your family's time.

So, what would the teachers and directors of some of the nation's great preschools like to see in your house? 

If Maria Montessori were going to redo your playroom for you, what would she stock in those child-height bins? 

What's the ideal library for a preschooler?  We asked some preschool directors for their best ideas, and we bring them to you in the 'Savvy Essentials' section of our Books, Toys and More page:

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Toys and Crafts Your Preschool Wants You to Have at Home

Here's just one, as a peek.  We are decades too late to get Ms. Montessori's sign-off, but here's a list of great items to stock in your playroom -- and we're confident she'd approve!

  1. A place for quiet or creative time
  2. Wooden blocks
  3. Empty boxes of all shapes and sizes
  4. Fabric scraps
  5. Glue and tape
  6. Art supplies
  7. Playdough or modeling clay
  8. Dress-up clothes
  9. Stickers
  10. Child-safe scissors (Work with scissors is an important way to develop fine motor skills.)
  11. Different types of paper
  12. Old magazines and catalogs
  13. Different kinds of balls
  14. Funnels and cups for water play
  15. Practical life objects (We all know how much the little ones love to play with pots and pans!)

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