Sing, Dance, Act: Classic Musicals Your Kids Will Love

Nicole Teed
March 11, 2009

Let's face it: Disney Channel may be good for turning out theatrical musical performances from the latest tween and teen stars, but they didn't invent the musical.  Some of my favorite classic movies are musicals, and there is nothing I like better than seeing people break into song in the middle of everyday life.  In fact, my daughter and I sing so much throughout the course of the day, I've wondered if my toddler son thinks that he actually lives a musical!

Here are a few of my recommendations of old school musicals to share with your kids.

The Sound of Music -- Who else loves Julie Andrews? Raise your hands and sing a do re mi!  All of the child actors in this movie make it a natural fit for children to love, and the music is catchy and kid-friendly.

My Fair Lady -- The transformation from poor Cockney flower girl to cultured lady is the traditional rags-to-riches story, but the film version with Audrey Hepburn is brilliant.  Plus, it teaches rhyming words: "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain."

Jailhouse Rock -- Elvis isn't for everybody, I understand, but if you're a fan of the King, this one should be added to your NetFlix list.

The Wizard of Oz -- Classic in so many ways!  We're off to see the Wizard, and you should be too. 

Annie --  I was part of the Annie generation, so much that I kind of wanted to be an orphan so that I could find my own Daddy Warbucks.  Watch it... tomorrow.

Singing in the Rain -- Really, you haven't experienced movie musical magic until you've seen Gene Kelly perform the title song.  Might as well get them started early.


Nicole is the Charleston City Editor for The Savvy Source. You can read more of her work every day at Being Savvy Charleston


From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    You left off: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and what about my kids favorite: Bugsy Malone.

    over a year ago

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    The email address posted on your website for the director is incorrect. Please, advise your PR department to update our information. We can be reached at the same phone number posted for clarification. Thanks Director

    over a year ago


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