Give Me the Beat, Boys and Girls

March 2, 2009

As parents, we instinctively love to sing to our children, no matter how tone-deaf we may be. And they like nothing better than to listen and join in when they have learned the tune. Much preschool learning is built around songs -- alphabet songs, counting songs, animal songs, clean-up songs, you name it! And it stands to reason: you can repeat a concept or instruction to a preschooler a hundred times without making the slightest impression, but put the idea to music and it will magically stick in a child's brain and delight at the same time.

So this week and next we will be bringing you some of our favorite music and some of the best ways that you can use music as you move through your day.  Music is one of those magical things that combines learning and fun, and if it makes our lives a little bit brighter along the way, so much the better!

So turn the volume up, get out your best brush to use as a microphone, put on your dancing shoes, and have some musical singing-and-dancing fun right along with us.  You'll thank us for it.  We promise!


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