Wise Words from The Count

Eliza Clark
February 20, 2009

We can't let our exploration of the ways of preschool math go by without mention of that great mathematical maestro, The Count.  He's a single-minded fellow who is not shy about announcing his passions (like some preschoolers you may know), as in his 1972 debut on Sesame Street when he introduced himself thusly:

"Greetings, I am The Count.  They call me The Count because I love to count things."

There are countless great Count videos on YouTube that will pass a dreary winter's afternoon and may also pass on an obsession with counting to your own little enumerator.  We're fond of The Count's first encounter with Cookie Monster where the two learn to cooperate: "I will count the cookies, and you will eat them."  Now that's a happy day for all.



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