If You Can Sing, You Can Count

Amy Rees
February 5, 2009

Sometimes we over-formalize things with our littlest ones.  Preschool learning is about life, amid joy, with fun, always.  We try to resist thinking of teaching our children how to count as some specialized activity separate from the rest of the day.  We've given you our favorite ideas to sneak number play into your bookshelf.  Now we've got a tune in our heads and we can't get it out!  Count and sing along with us!

Our all-time favorite counting song is the West Indian Counting Song from the Dan Zanes House Party CD.  When we Savvy grown-ups need to approximate a minute, we happily chant along, and suddenly we are transported to the islands -- and the minute has zipped by!  We have even more fun with it when our kids are singing along with us, of course!

It's fun to flip through Where Is Thumbkin? to remind ourselves of plenty of fun rhymes and counting songs that combine finger play with tunes we already have stuck in our heads.  Fun and clever and no new learning required of parents -- how Savvy indeed!

And oh, oh, oh, don't miss this gem:  Ella Jenkins brings you ten cherished classic counting songs, in a Smithsonian Folkways re-release of a 1967 recording.  Perfectly lovely for all of you starting counting from the beginning. 

With counting, we are all especially blessed to be in the early stages.  Soon enough, these little ones will be middle schoolers singing "99 Bottles" on a school bus to a field trip.  With camp counselors -- and no parents -- in tow! 





From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    singing is a good way to recall words..

    over a year ago


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