Bravo, Daddy!

Amy Rees
June 10, 2013

Blame Madison Avenue, but something about Father's Day can seem a little odd. Retro, maybe—but more out-of-touch retro than tongue-in-cheek retro. The ads, the cards, the endless gift guides—they are all themed very "Father Knows Best," complete with push lawnmowers and madras shorts, and barbecues with too much lighter fluid. They're for a man who keeps his tie on for supper and answers to "Pop." 

Here's the trouble: We don't know that guy.

But we do know just the way to bring this happy Sunday back to earth:  Cue a delirious little child you might know squealing "Daddy!!!!!" 

Yep.  Now we've got it.  It's a day to honor a pretty little person's pretty big hero.  A day to say thank you and I love you.  From everybody in the family. 

Dads of young children are a special lot: diapers aren't far behind (if at all) and hardball is still a bit far off (if at all). They read stories on repeat, tickle without ceasing, patiently play princess games, re-learn dinosaur genus and species names. Lucky guys, these dads. Lucky kids, these kids. That's for sure.

So, this weekend, on Father's Day, the Being Savvy team is on our feet, giving you papas a curtain call, screaming for an encore. Bravo, Daddy!! Bravo!!

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    I really love the way that Smile Nursery staff shows love for each child the kids are always clean and be hug and love

    over a year ago


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