Wishing You Warm, Bright Lights

Amy Rees
December 12, 2017

Hanukkah is an especially welcoming holiday to celebrate as a family, no matter what your faith or tradition. It offers a historical tale of struggle, an eye-popping twist of magic, a child-friendly game to win chocolate, a counting exercise, and an excuse to munch on latkes and doughnuts.

But more than even all that, it's an occasion to gather your family around the candles on this long winter's night, to savor the softly lit faces you love so much, and to believe that the magic of that one cherished set of appreciative glances will indeed last for eight days of joy.

And a lifetime more.

Happy Hanukkah, whether this is your first observance of the holiday or your... well, let's call it just your "thirty-ninth." 

All of us at the Savvy Source wish you bright lights and shared magic. This weekend and all this year.

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