Inspired Indoor Activities for the Shortest Day of the Year

Amy Rees
December 20, 2008

This weekend brings us the winter solstice.  And the winter solstice brings us inside, bundled up, cozy warm and all together, for more minutes than any other day.

Don't let the long nights make you crazed -- use the excuse for some zany, inside, family fun activities!  Some day soon enough, your sweetest preschooler will be out carousing his teenage nights away, and you'll yearn for the fun of pillow mazes....

Don't miss all of the Savvy indoor fun activities here -- and here are some winter kick-off highlights too:

an all-season snowman, in case the drifts aren't so deep where you are (or in case they're so deep you can't get out!)

sock toss, because laundry is much more fun to play with than to do

who's that squirrel at the picnic?  (and isn't he supposed to be holed up in a tree with his acorns for the season?)

indoor ice skating, which not only is a bit easier on those wobbly little ankles than the real rink kind, but also gives those socks yet another job before washday!

and, of course, pillow mazes!

Aw, playing outside is overrated some days!  Enjoy!!


Looking for more great indoor fun ideas?  Look to our Savvy minds in Atlanta, Cleveland, and Washington DC.

Now stay inside and play!

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    I am the CEO of the We Do Listen Non Profit Foundation. We offer free animated books, songs and games to help children learn how to listen and feel good about themselves. Please visit us at and pass the word. Thank you, Howard Binkow

    over a year ago


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