Holiday Performances That We Treasure

Amy Rees
December 6, 2017

We find it especially nice to establish a holiday ritual that involves taking in a theater or ballet performance all together as a family.  It's an excuse to dress up, it's an early exposure to live acting and dancing and applauding and, yes, staying quiet for stretches.  If your local community theater puts on a holiday performance—even if your local middle school puts on a holiday songfest—by all means, take your little one out to see it!

If you are looking for a holiday performance a bit closer to, say, your own couch, or if your little one tends to like to view a favorite performance on repeat, consider these at-home version of especially memorable productions:

The Nutcracker: San Francisco Ballet's new-ish and especially gorgeous production is the sugar plum standard for this wonderful ballet. Your kids will never tire of this beautiful show, and the price of admission to your family room is quite reasonable this year!

A Charlie Brown Christmas: From the first notes of Vince Guaraldi's now classic theme, you'll be transported back to your own youngest days. Whether you grew up relating more to Charlie or Linus—and whether you think your little one is more Lucy or Pig Pen—chances are you adored this special when it aired each December. Back when you actually took note of a live TV schedule....

The Original Christmas Classics: Rudoph and Frosty, just as you remember them. Childhood in a box, we say!

Peter and the Wolf: Prokofiev's score, more snow than even The Nutcracker, a menacing wolf (watch with your tiny ones!) and a triumphant little boy.  A wintertime classic, indeed.

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