Making the Most of Holiday Cards with Kids

Eliza Clark
December 17, 2009

Making holiday cards is easier than ever. Choose a snap of the adorable ones from the year, zip it off to one of many online photo services to be made into cards, print out address labels from your computer're pretty much done. Add stamps, and there you have it. One more holiday task completed.

These kinds of cards are easy to send, and fun to receive. We always enjoy seeing photos of our friends' children and marveling at how they've grown.

One reason people love holiday cards is that they are among the few pieces of personal mail that anyone receives these days (amidst the flood of catalogs and bills). So perhaps, just perhaps we'd get even more satisfaction out of sending our family and friends something even more personal, something with a touch of the homemade.

As we often repeat here at The Savvy Source, every parent of a preschooler has an amazing creative force on their hands. Our little artists are just waiting to be asked to help out with decorating cards and envelopes, or give their artistic opinion. Why not take an afternoon to work on the holiday cards together?

We turn to our Savvy City Editors for great ideas on how to make it fun:

Our Denver Editor says Make Holiday Cards With The Kids! and suggests getting your kids involved in choosing a photo for the card.

Our Chicago Editor advises sending Season's Greetings by scanning a piece of your child's artwork for the front of the card. And she has other creative thoughts involving glitter (!) too.

Our Charleston Editor is all for handmade in Get creative! Festive cards to make with kids -- this post has detailed instructions on making cards with abstract cut-out shapes, potato stamps, and snowflake squares. Now we have no excuse!

And in Holiday cards with kids our St Louis Editor shares a the story of how she and her children created handmade holiday cards this year.  

The little ones also can't get enough of looking at all the cards that will soon be filling your mailbox, so think about kid-friendly ways of displaying them. Stringing them together for a garland by the mantel or in the entryway is one lovely idea. Do you have others to share?

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