Inspiration: The Lorax Speaks for Us, Too

Amy Rees
April 16, 2008

Thank goodness (again) for our beloved Dr. Seuss. Not only did he introduce us to Horton and the Cat and Bartholomew and Sam I Am, he also brought the Lorax into our lives. Or rather, our kids' lives.

The Lorax, who enlightens without seeming preachy.

The Lorax, who says (as repeated by the now-chastened Once-ler) "UNLESS" without sounding like such a nag.

Oh, to be the Lorax!

Wait! We can be the Lorax! We can say no to the next Thneed that catches our eye. We can refuse to be quiet while our gorgeous Truffula trees are being clear-cut. We can speak up for the brown Bar-ba-loots who are going hungry for lack of Truffula Fruit. We can stop all the "biggering" that goes on around us.

Read the story to your little one. Ask her if she wants to be the person who "cares a whole awful lot" to make things better.

Help her plant the last of the Truffula Seeds. We've seen too much Grickle-grass.

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