SavvyPicks: My Body, My Boo-Boos

Amy Rees
June 7, 2008

One of the many delightful contradictions about preschoolers is how much they know about what little they know.  Does that make any sense?  We think so, sort-of.  Especially when it comes to their (absolutely darling) little bodies.

Preschoolers who still muddle the alphabet song often already try regularly to count their ribs.  They notice with glee when their tummies growl.  Hiccups are frequent interruptions in their banter, and every blister, splinter, bruise and scrape is carefully detailed and chronicled by its proud (if sometimes melodramatic) owner.  Their favorite topic is, as we've discussed, themselves.  They delight in being the center of their own universe, metaphysically and quite physically, actually. 

They really get their own bodies -- even though of course they don't, really.  They are quite aware of their own skin (and they notice miniscule changes in their parents' skin too -- thank you very much for counting Mama's freckles in the grocery check-out line).  The sight of blood is mysterious, not yet creepy.  They rap on their knee caps and report with delight "That's bone in there!"  And, whoa, finding a reflex -- there may be no cooler preschool serendipity.

If you've got a budding scientist on your hands, there's no need to wait until high school biology to give her some facts to back up that sense of magic and mystery.  He's already figured out that his own body is the neatest puzzle around.  Give him some details and he'll be even more delighted!  Here are some of our favorite places to start:

  • For a textual overview of how that little body works, look to Me and My Amazing Body.
  • If you'd prefer a simply done, preschooler-centric visual overview, you'll love this wooden Your Body puzzle (and both girl or boy versions are available).
  • You wouldn't necessarily think of it, but going right to the ol' plastic thing you had in your middle school classroom is a pretty cool idea.  We've seen a few preschoolers who play cheerfully with this 3-D puzzle and know, well, a ton more than we do:  human body anatomy model.
  • To ease any white-coat syndrome your little one may experience, or just to make sure your future M.D. knows the alphabet too, check out ABC Doctor.
  • A charming catalog of preschool injuries comes in The Boo Boo Book.
  • Often the best care for those bumps and bruises comes in the form of a loving kiss and a band-aid.  We are especially fond of the sushi ones.
  • If you've got a bump that's going to take more than just the love and sticker medicine (though always give those too), take a look through Jessica's X-Ray 


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