Art-Based Gifts from Your Little One

Eliza Clark
May 20, 2008

Today's post is really about the law of supply and demand.

On the supply side, you have your preschooler's boundless creative energies and the ever-growing pile of artwork that she produces on a daily basis.

On the demand side are the seemingly endless succession of birthdays and holidays, and all those friends and relatives who would be charmed to receive a little hand-made something from beloved little hands.

With just a minor investment of parental organizing, we see a booming future for this home enterprise, and a surefire way to keep those little hands busy.

So here it is, our list of lovely, easy presents that your preschooler will enjoy making (and hopefully giving away too!). We're sure you've got some wonderful ideas up your sleeve as well -- let us know!

Ideas from the Savvy Source activities encyclopedia:

-Make a puzzle.

-Make a picture frame this way (or for something more lasting, use an unfinished wooden frame such as this one as a base to decorate).

-Make gift wrap this way or that way.

-Make a dreamcatcher.

And a few more suggestions because we can't help ourselves:

-Letting you little one use high quality materials goes a long way. From time to time, let her paint on real watercolor paper with nice paints and decent brushes -- the results will look lovely in a simple frame and last well. Or go for a stretched canvas and acrylics. And there are plenty of other possibilities that will please.

-Likewise, a nice frame can work wonders. Put something from that pile of artwork that you and your child like in a cheerful frame and send it off to a deserving dear one -- signed and dated, of course.

-Finally, for more ideas and better instructions than it is in our power to provide, don't miss the wonderful gift guide at Kids Craft Weekly.

From the Parents

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    I also browsed your website and was equally intrigued,

    over a year ago

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    Great job with the web site!! Thankfully you have been fortunate to have a loving wife and many friends to help during these difficult days,

    over a year ago

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    Much love Hi there to the most loving couple and Jackie, Happy Anniversary and may you both be spared to see many many more !!!!!!! You have proved that people can come through personal tragedy and get on with their lives, your story will always be with everyone who was at Goodwood that day and having just got back from this years event it is humbling to read your story, good luck to you both, Congratulations on getting this far,

    over a year ago

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    Your post very interesting, on it is what is not present on other sites.,

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    Having done so I feel I have to write to you to say how moved I am,

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    still, and that is a rare and beautiful thing,

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    still, and that is a rare and beautiful thing,

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    Your work is marvelous!!,

    over a year ago

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    Wonderful and informative web site.,

    over a year ago

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    Thanks, I now know why I do this,

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  • Parent # 14

    great gift - "fill in the blank" books your child can write and illustrate - Also they have a store in the Wetsside Pavilion in LA.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 15

    This year for Christmas, Santa brought each of my school age children a nice set of paints or pastels and a plain white canvas for each of them. We have used the paints and pastels some and are planning a special trip to the lake this summer for each of them to capture the world on their own blank canvas. I think it might be an annual gift!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 16

    My daughter's class just made the sweetest gift for their teacher. Using primary colored paint, each child put a handprint on an apron, and then a mom with good handwriting wrote each child's name underneath the print. It turned out just beautiful! While we did this for a teacher gift, it would also be a nice gift for a grandparent with one handprint for each grandchild.

    over a year ago


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