Wise Words About the Roar of a Child's Imagination

October 17, 2008

Few of us today have heard of the Indiana poet and writer of "juvenile fiction" Evaleen Stein (1863-1923).  But we can all appreciate her poem "Wild Beasts."  Those very beasts live at our house, and they do roar and growl so very loudly when their wild imaginations get them going.

Wild Beasts

I will be a lion
    And you shall be a bear
And each of us will have a den
    Beneath a nursery chair;
And you must growl and growl and growl,
    And I will roar and roar,
And then -- why, then -- you'll growl again,
    And I will roar some more!

Found in our beloved A Child's Book of Poems by Gyo Fujikawa.

From the Parents

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