Flames! Sirens! Calling All Firefighters!

Amy Rees
October 15, 2008

Sometimes it seems like trains and ballerinas corner the preschool imagination, and then a fire truck whizzes by, and all of a sudden it's clear as a ringing firehouse bell.  All little ones, it seems, are wild for firefighters, both real ones and the ones they are constantly imagining themselves as. 

Enjoy our Savvy picks for books and toys to stoke your little firefighter's imagination! 

(And don't forget, our picks for every possible fascination your little one might have are found on our Savvy books, toys and more page!  Do come browse around!)

Firefighter costume -- You don't think costumes are just for Halloween, do you? Your preschooler certainly doesn't. Tutus, fairy wings, firefighter hats, superhero capes, chef toques, you name it, your little ones will love to put them on. And wear them out to grandparents' houses and restaurants, if you'll let them. Not to mention family picture sittings. It's all in the name of imagining themselves in the great big world around them, remember?

Mighty World firestation scenes -- When it comes to play scenes, nobody does it as well as Mighty World.  Their sets are wildly imaginative and detailed, and they are noticeably well-priced.  A Savvy kind of toy, indeed!  Their firestation scenes are especially fun, whether your little one would enjoy the truck, the fire brigade, the chief and his rig, the entire emergency response crew, or (our favorite, especially for kitchen spills) the haz mat crew!

Big Red Fire Engine -- For the certified firefighter-in-training, this deluxe ride-in truck is the real McCoy.  And although it doesn't exactly stow into a tidy storage cubby like other toys, it fits in your garage better than the one they have at the firehouse!

A Day at the Fire Station -- We at Savvy often turn to our cherished Richard Scarry for help with explaining how the world around our preschoolers works because his gems are always so info-packed and so delightful!  His detailed tour of work at the fire house is no exception.

Touch and Feel Fire Engine -- For the little fire station enthusiasts, even those who can only point and grin with eyes a-shining when they see a big red truck rush by, this is a darling introduction.  Like all Touch and Feel books, it can be enjoyed by the wee-est ones in your house, and it will stand up to all the love and use those wee ones put it through!

Firehouse Field Trip with Dick and Jane -- Yes, Dick and Jane books still exist.  And these updated versions are just perfect for preschoolers today, and especially for those showing an early interest in reading.  Take a tour of the local fire station with these loyal friends and you're sure to enjoy your visit. 

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