SavvyPick: How Wonderful, Indeed

Amy Rees
May 19, 2008

Sometimes we find something truly special and we get a little nutty about it.  We find ourselves calling friends, emailing neighbors, blurting out in the preschool hallway:  "You must get this book."  No introduction, no explanation.  Just abrupt, wide-eyed urging.  

That's how we feel about Child of Wonder:  Nurturing Creative & Naturally Curious Children by Ginger Carlson.  But we realize that kind of behavior isn't savvy (and certainly not Savvy); it's bossy.

So, how do we love Child of Wonder?  Let us count the ways. 

For the way it is packed with insights and ideas.  It inspires parents to be creative without being preachy or rarified. 

For its breadth.  It gives dozens of concrete suggestions and ideas for every single topic it covers.  And it covers every single area of a child's life, including dress-up, math creativity, prewriting games, messy fun, organized fun, private spaces, shared games, inside play, outside exploration, cooking.  Those are only the highlights.  Seriously. 

For the amazing resource lists it gives for every single area -- picture books, websites, activity books, all carefully chosen and often little-known.  (You know we love a good list.)  It is a book that teaches, shows, suggests, and leads to more, better, keener parenting, in an immediate and a lasting way. 

For its idea of "yes days."  Brilliant.  And doable.  Today.

For its idea about a back-and-forth journal, even with prewriting kids.  For its guidance on creating an organized and lively creative space.  For its tips on tents and why little ones thrive in them.

For its quotes (we also love a good quote).

For its author's willingness to do a guest post for our lucky Being Savvy readers.  (And she didn't even see this introduction before you did!)  Enjoy!  First read her post, then go get her book for yourself!

(And for even more of Ginger's wonder-ful ideas, do wander through her main site, her blog, her other blog (if cooking is your path to creativity), and her newsletter.)  

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