All While Saving the World

Amy Rees
April 14, 2008

Sometimes it seems that just so very much rides on what we do as parents.

It's all so big -- raising these darlings from lumps through even just the fine kindergarteners they will someday be. (Not to mention the independent, thriving, balanced, kind grown-ups they'd better someday be!)

But other times, it is all so tiny. Preschoolers are working at hard at holding a crayon and eating soup without most ending up on their laps and hopping on one foot and taking turns on a slide.

And oh, while we're managing all of that big/little tension, our world is literally falling apart around us. The real world, not the one we construct each morning. Earth. Our gorgeous blue dot of a planet.

And there's a big/little thing there too. Your little choices (paper or plastic) have a big effect. But so do your baby steps toward change.

This month Being Savvy tackles the world of green parenting. Being better parents for our own kids, and our kids' kids, and all the kids we'll never even meet around the world.

We'll try to figure out how to be as kind and thriving and balanced as we raise our little ones to be!

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    I am glad Savvy is taking this one on. I was just thinking how I need to be doing a better job with my son. Looking forward to reading more.

    over a year ago


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