The Littlest Locavores

Eliza Clark
April 28, 2008

You know that at Savvy we like to keep you on your parental toes. So, pop quiz: do you know what the word locavore means?

If you do know, A+ for keeping up with the very latest linguistic and eco trends -- locavore was 2007's New Oxford American Dictionary's word of the year. If you didn't: the locavore movement encourages consumers to eat food grown in their local area because it's fresh, more nutritious, supports local agriculture, and is environmentally friendly (doesn't require the packaging and fossil fuel use of imported foods).

Why the vocab quiz? Only because we think becoming even an occasional locavore leads to so many delightful and eco-friendly spring and summer activities with our little ones: farmer's markets, gardening, heading out to a nearby organic farm to pick-your-own strawberries or raspberries or tomatoes -- mmmmm.

Or better yet, think about joining a local CSA -- community supported agriculture. Membership means buying a share of the farm, in return for which you get a basket of produce delivered every week -- whatever is fresh, in season, just-picked. The best part for the kiddos is creating a relationship with a particular farm. Members are encouraged to visit, and CSAs often have member work days, including activities for children. And we all know that getting down in the dirt is what most preschoolers love best (yes, do bring a change of clothes). It's also how they learn best. There's no better to way to teach our hungry ones about where food comes from than this.

Finding a CSA or farmer's market near you is as easy as you please: go to the amazing Local Harvest web site, and they'll guide you from there.

To little locavores everywhere: dig deep, get gritty, eat well!

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