The Life Aquatic

Jason Avant
August 22, 2008

I tell people that we're lucky to live a stone's throw from the Pacific. It's a lie.

The ocean: most people who claim to love it don't live anywhere near it. They go to the beach for a week in the summer, maybe on the weekends if they live within an hour's drive. They are not Ocean People, for one simple reason -- the ocean has never tried to kill them. I've been held down by fifteen-foot waves that snapped my 9 foot long fiberglass board in half like a twig. On my last scuba dive, my equipment failed at around 85 feet. I've been bounced off of razor-sharp reefs, and have been speared in the skull by errant surfboards. I've been dragged out to sea by insidious rip currents and gotten hopelessly lost in vertigo-inducing fog banks.

I moved down to Pacific Beach sixteen years ago. Since then I've married, had one kid, then another. We moved north, to the fringes of San Diego county, but never east I've never lived more than 10 minutes' walk from the sand during this time. Every night for the past sixteen years I fall asleep to the hiss and crash of waves breaking on the shore; every morning I wake to the shrieks of hungry gulls.

This morning, Lucas came out to the patio to watch me slap a new coat of wax on my surfboard. He asked if he could help; I happily obliged. Don't push down hard, I told him. Nice and light, from side to side; that way it gets nice and bumpy, and doesn't smear. "Dad," he asked, "is surfing hard?" He's got that habit, the one shared by all four-year-old boys, of asking the same questions over and over again, sometimes in the span of a minute. I give him the same answer, as always. Yep. But if you stick to it, you'll learn. It takes what we call commitment. Surfing's fun, huh Oh, it is, and much more. You'll see.

I caught my first wave when I was a year shy of 30. That was the day I swore I'd never move away from the shore. My kids will grow up in the company of dolphins and seals, ever-present sand between their toes and salt in their hair. Lucky? That's the lie. Luck implies chance. This is the life that we chose.

Jason Avant is the founder and editor of Dad Centric.

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    My son surfed for the first time this summer in Hawaii. Since being back from there we've had 3 trips to the beach and he has done boogie boarding. So exciting!! Good for you to expose your children to what you love and help them understand this is the life you "choose".

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 2

    I'm now inspired to get my son to the beach! Whether in the back yard or for one final summer trip!

    over a year ago


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