Seaside Crafts

Eliza Clark
May 18, 2018

Left to their own devices at the beach, little children invariably turn into collectors. It it is almost impossible to leave a beach without a pocketful of shells, rocks, seaglass, sand dollars and plain old sand too. But we can't really blame them. Where else can you find so many fascinating objects, each more lovely and unique than the last, that are free for the taking?

Of course, we try to encourage our little hoarders to leave most of their loot behind, for the beautiful beach's sake. But on rainy days, you'll be glad for the things that they did bring home. For many of those precious items can be turned into crafts and keepsakes you'll truly be glad to hold onto for years and years. Here are a few ideas from our Savvy Activities Encyclopedia to get your little ones started: 

Shell Painting

Seashell Picture Frame 

Seashell Memory Box 

Rock Family 

Sand Pictures

Enjoy, and be sure to date these treasures!

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    Can't wait to try these activities. I never thought of the rainy day things!

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 2

    sand pictures links to rock family instead.

    over a year ago

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