Backyard Water Play

Eliza Clark
June 1, 2011

For all of our raving about the joys of beaches, the fact is, we won't all be making it to the beach this summer. Or if we do, it may only be for a too-short week, or a few stolen Saturdays. But no matter. There are still plenty of opportunities for water play (the play preschoolers love best) right in your own backyard, any old day of the week.

So get out there and splash!

The Savvy parents who contribute to our Activities Encyclopedia know all about getting wet and wild with the kiddos in the backyard. Here's what they suggest:

Set the little ones up to do some ice cube painting or fingerpainting outside. When everyone is nice and messy, let them take a run through the hose, the good old-fashioned lawn sprinkler (you know how much we love sprinkers), or a newfangled and pretty darn fun Beach Blast Ball.

Another day, set Tiny Ships (the children can make these from acorn or walnut shells -- so sweet!) to sail in your Water Wheel Table or Kiddie Pool. In the latter case, the ship captain can get into the water right alongside her vessel -- the better to steer, of course.

Teach the kids to play Water Bowling on their Slip n Slide. Who needs a bowling ball when you have a wet, slippery preschooler hurtling toward the pins?

While you're at it, have a rousing game of Duck, Duck, Splash! and then Water Squirter Tag complete with these adorable Jungle Water Squirters.

Is everyone cooling off yet?

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    Bubbles bubbles on the menu in the East Bay. We were chasing them yesterday afternoon to see if they had shadows like us. It's more "goo" than "water" but it's close.

    over a year ago


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