Go Fishing!

Eliza Clark
August 23, 2008

For some, the greatest allure of the shore is the chance to go fishing. Tales of grown men obsessed with fishing are legendary. Just think of The Old Man and the Sea or Moby Dick (ok, it's technically a whaling story). Well, we are here to tell you that single-minded obsessions such as these start early.

This summer, we've been following the career of one six-year-old fisherman who gets up every single morning, grabs his pole, and heads down to the dock to cast his line. He digs up mussels to bait his hook, or begs choice tidbits from the kitchen to lure the fish. He's faithfully down by the water in the morning and in the evening, every single day. And? No luck. None. Whatsoever. The only thing this boy has ever caught is a two inch mackerel. (Big news in the neighborhood.) But is he discouraged? Is he bored? Oh no. No, no. He's a small boy possessed and consumed by a dream -- the dream of landing a big fish.

We do wonder how this little fellow sustains his fishing dream. Perhaps the stack of books by his bedside includes titles like Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, an angler whose luck is much worse than his. Or Margaret Wise Brown's newly reissued The Little Fisherman with its gorgeous illustrations by Dahlov Ipcar. Or maybe he consoles himself with the beloved classic The Little Fish That Got Away.

Sometimes we wonder if he would do better if he had had more practice during his earliest years. Living room practice, that is. This clever Fishing Set has everything the little ones need for an indoor fishing expedition: a rod and magnetic lure, a net, bucket and tackle box, and fish too, of course! Or create your own indoor fishing game at home with a few paper clips, fish cut-outs, and a magnet, string, and stick. See directions here.

Or maybe he just needs some new equipment. A pink Barbie fishing rod, perhaps? After all, a grandfather in North Carolina used his three-year-old granddaughter's Barbie rod to land a record-breaking catfish earlier this month. See photographic evidence and the full story here. We think this proud grandpa would agree that it's never too early to teach a child to fish.

And since we're all for fishing with the little ones, some of our Savvy City Editors have scouted the best fishing spots for kids in their towns. See their great advice for getting your kids started in:

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    My grandparents lived on a lake when I was growing up and some of my favorite memories of them are down on the pier with a pole. This last year I had a chance to take my son to the same spot I fished as a little girl. It gave me goose bumps to watch him in my shadow.

    over a year ago


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