Beach Games and Activities

Eliza Clark
May 15, 2018

The thing we love best about the beach is that it's one of the few places where young children can entertain themselves for hours and hours, day after day. There's no need to organize activities. If you can manage to tote along a few buckets and shovels (as well as the requisite snacks), the kiddos will be all set.

But some of us can't seem to leave our ever organizing parental selves behind when we come to the beach with our kids. (Playing with them is too much fun, that's why!) So here are a few ideas for very simple activities and games to offer the little ones.

Sand writing. A stick and smooth, wet sand at the water's edge are all you need to practice writing letters and numbers.

Sand angels. Just like in the snow, but remember to put a towels under those little heads or you'll be brushing sand out of their hair for days.

Hermit crab habitats. If your beach is home to hermit crabs or other interesting creatures, the kiddos can gather a few and make their own tiny tidepool in a bucket. But do remind them to be oh so very gentle, and then put the creatures back where they found them.

Drip castles. Your preschoolers are getting the hang of making castles with their buckets, but have you taught them how to make drip castles? Don't delay! They love it.

Treasure hunt in the sand. This one really does require some organizing and advance planning, but it's lovely for a special event or a little beach birthday party. You'll need to arrive before the children and hide the "treasures" (perhaps little animal figurines such as these) around the beach. When they arrive, give each child a bucket with their name on it, and let them loose! (Be sure to coach the littlest ones who might not understand the game, and also reserve some extra treasures for anyone who doesn't strike it rich.

From the Parents

  • Parent # 1

    My son is happy just digging holes with his friends and filling it with water. Sometimes they have a contest to see who can dig the biggest hole and they always wind up combining the holes to make one big one.

    over a year ago

  • Parent # 2

    Don't forget seashell collecting. We're always on the hunt for a perfect sand dollar or a shark tooth.

    over a year ago


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